Barry M – Coconut Infusion Range

It seems coconut oil is currently being named the cure for everything in the beauty world and we should basically just save ourselves the time, stop investing in other products and lather it everywhere because coconut oil is the answer to our prayers.

Barry M recently released their new line of Coconut Infusion nail paint which come in a range of beautiful pastel shades, perfect for the summer! What makes this range different is that the infusion of coconut oil and water manages to keep your nails hydrated and nourished, providing a healthy balance of vitamin B&C. This is a great benefit when you consider the damage that can be caused to your nails after repetitive use, over time.

Therefore, being slightly too obsessed with having far more nail paints than I ever use; I had to get my hands on some of these. This led me to a trip to Boots and what’s more, they were even on offer at buy one get one half price! (£4.99 each) I don’t know about you but the offers reel me in way more than they should… so I walked away with two new shades to add to my varied collection: Laguna and Flamingo. I’d like to add that I also love the names of the shades which ooze in holiday vibes.

Left: Laguna, Right: Flamingo
Me wearing the Laguna shade, using two layers of paint to create a thicker texture

Having tried the Laguna shade last week (see right), while my nails appear to have strengthened and the paint does come out lovely and glossy, I can report that I am unfortunately still disappointed. I don’t know if I’m the only one that has this problem but almost every nail paint I’ve tried, chips in such a short amount of time.

I was lucky enough to get the Sensationail gel kit last Christmas and this has so far been the only thing that has lived up to its selling point of lasting “up to two weeks”. However, I find that there are so many procedures to this and it becomes very time consuming so it would be nice to find a quick alternative that would last longer than two/three days. Unfortunately, Barry M’s Coconut Infusion isn’t the answer.

If anyone has found a nail paint with better resistance, please do leave a comment letting me know!



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